Microsoft makes all Xbox One games available on Project xCloud

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It will be possible to stream all games available for Xbox One via Microsoft’s Project xCloud. This means that a game library of 3500 games will become available, and adjustments will also be made automatically on the streaming service.

All those games don’t technically need to be modified to work with Project xCloud, meaning basically all 3,500 games that work with the Xbox One will also work with the game streaming service. In addition, changes made to the Xbox One version will also automatically be available on Project xCloud.

That should make it easier for developers to offer their games on multiple platforms. After all, you only need to develop once to release a game for Xbox One, but also on devices that can work with Project xCloud, such as tablets and smartphones.

Microsoft announced the arrival of xCloud last fall, although it was already confirmed last summer that a streaming service was being worked on. According to the company, it uses blade servers located in Azure data centers, with which the service is tested internally. Microsoft now states that an alpha version is available that is being tested by Microsoft employees. A public beta version is likely to be released later this year.

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