Here’s The World’s First Gaming Browser from Opera

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According to the latest reports, recently, the creator of the popular Opera browser, of course, Opera Software has just announced a new web browser, and the truth is that it just shocked us. Because Opera Software has just launched this new web browser for gaming. Many of you may think that what this new game browser was made for by Opera Software? Is it to play in the browser? Or is it for the people who like to play video games? For now, however, the truth is that nobody knows the precise reason and purpose of this web browser, because Opera Software has given no clues about this new web browser.

As with the announcement it made on its blog where the only information that it offers, in addition to the screenshot that you can see below, it is “The first browser that was built for your game setup is coming.”

The statement says they cannot reveal at this time more, but they simply invite you to register via an email address on the Opera GX website the first to try the beta version of the world’s first [browser909020] & # 39; first gaming browser Opera GX .

In the lower part of the website there is a short preview of what this gaming web browser is, Opera GX will be, and not only that there is even a bar is with which you can change the color of the browser, with an effect similar to the LED-ver lighting used by computers for gaming.

on the left is a series of icons that display a gamepad, an icon for loading, a timer, and another settings icon. That is why, for the time being, we can assume that you can play video games directly in this web browser through a special gateway, otherwise it will simply speed up the whole process, but the fact is that there is little confusion in the moment about what it will exactly offer to users.

Apart from all these things, the fact that perhaps the all-new Opera GX has been optimized to play via streaming in newly announced services such as Google Stages. But it can also provide some sort of chat to communicate with other players while you play or give access to special content related to gaming, such as Twitch-like video channels, online video game resources, etc.

Therefore, all of these things are currently just speculation, as we said that Opera has not revealed anything else about the all-new Opera GX at this time. So at this time, there is no other choice except that you sign up for receiving the updates to try the beta version when it is available.

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