Microsoft is investing ‘billions of dollars’ in ChatGPT maker OpenAI

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Microsoft is investing “billions of dollars” in OpenAI, says chatbot maker ChatGPT. Microsoft has already invested in the organization twice before and is now doing so for the third time. It would be ten billion dollars.

OpenAI confirms the investment of ‘billions of dollars’ and according to Bloomberg it’s ten billion dollars. That seems to indicate that Microsoft sees OpenAI’s work as strategically important for its future. The company is also cutting costs and laying off ten thousand people. It was previously rumored that Microsoft wants to invest $10 billion.

In return, OpenAI is working with Microsoft on various initiatives. For example, the organization’s technology is already included in GitHub Copilot and Microsoft Designer, among others. Earlier there were rumors that picture generator Dall-E should be included in PowerPoint, while Outlook, Word and search engine Bing should receive support from ChatGPT. In 2019, the company already invested a billion dollars in OpenAI and in 2021 there was also an investment from Microsoft.

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