Microsoft Integrates Hyperlapse Video Algorithm Into Mobile App

Microsoft Research has integrated the Hyperlapse algorithm, which can smooth out choppy action videos, into a video app for Windows Phone. It is not yet clear whether the functionality will soon be available for compatible devices.

The Hyperlapse technology was first demonstrated by Microsoft’s research department in August last year. The algorithms used make it possible to make accelerated action images from, for example, a GoPro helmet camera less jerky. Three steps are used to ‘smooth down’ the images: first the images are reconstructed via a 3d model, after which a smooth running path is generated. In the last step, new frames are generated.

Microsoft Research appears to have made progress in improving its algorithms: WindowsBlogItalia reports that Microsoft has developed a beta app for Windows Phone that incorporates Hyperlapse technology. A video shows the mobile app attempting to generate a less choppy time-lapse video based on shot action footage.

Not only Microsoft has developed technology to make choppy videos smooth: Instagram offers similar algorithms in its iOS application under the same name. It is not yet clear whether and when Microsoft will release the Hyperlapse app for Windows Phone devices. There may be more clarity about this at the upcoming Build conference at the end of April.