Microsoft Flight Simulator gets competitive racing mode with stunt planes

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Microsoft is adding a competitive game mode to Flight Simulator this fall. Players get the opportunity to race against each other with stunt planes. Microsoft has entered into a partnership with the Reno Air Racing Association for this.

In partnership with RARA, Microsoft is bringing the STIHL National Championship Air Races to Flight Simulator. This is an official championship of airplane racing, with stunt planes that reach speeds of over 800 km/h and perform races at altitudes between 15 and 75 meters.

According to Microsoft, the Reno Air Races addition is the first major expansion for Flight Simulator. Players can compete against each other in it, the company promises. It is not yet clear how many players can race at the same time. The expansion will be released in the fall and will be free to owners of the game. A release date has not yet been announced.

World Update VI will be released on September 7

Microsoft also announced that World Update VI will be released on September 7. This free extension shows Germany, Austria and Switzerland in more detail. Specific cities and locations are constructed in detail in 3D. The expansion will add about a hundred new detailed points of interest and the alpine area will look much more detailed.

Furthermore, Microsoft will include the Junkers JU-52 in Flight Simulator. That’s a 1930s German plane, affectionately known as ‘Aunt JU’. Also, Microsoft is bringing VoloCity air taxi from Volocopter to Flight Simulator. This is a future German eVTOL, an aircraft that can take off and land vertically and is designed for short flights in urban environments.

Microsoft has not disclosed any new details about the previously announced Top Gun expansion. It has already been indicated that this expansion should appeal to both sim fanatics and arcade gamers. The expansion will be released at the same time as the Top Gun Maverick movie; which is scheduled for November 18.

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