Microsoft 'enriches' data types Excel based on machine learning

Why ‘Excel is hell’ is used so much? Because people do not (want to) know better, maybe?

I can still report a nasty characteristic of Excel. I work on software that processes a lot of data from many different sources (including Excel). This software even has its own scripting language with which you can create your own workflow / flow together.

This is mostly done by consultants and staff of companies where this software is used for production.

Normally this software can Process thousands of processes simultaneously without any problem. That is, as long as no Excel files have to be read or written.

My i5 system was able to run a maximum of 20 Excel instances at the same time in a test setup before it became painfully slow. The system of the most vocal user (company) reached 30 instances of Excel at the same time … only that system had a huge array of disks, 64 Xeon processors and 128TByte of RAM available.

After we had proved that our own Excel Clone works better for their goals and thus thousands of processes can be finished at the same time, hired consultants and their own staff have to believe that Excel is a piece of waste.

Since most people only run one single Excel instance at the same time and use the interface that it offers. Nothing wrong with that, but it gives users the impression that it is a good piece of software. And that is not it at all.

Even with the processing / generation of simple Excel files Excel does not scale for a meter. excel wastes a huge amount of heap memory with every instance you run at the same time, no Windows computer / server can handle this.

Microsoft Office software certainly does not deserve a beauty award when you have to work with it in automated processes. This set of applications can best be compared to the fairy tale of Cinderella, where Excel is the ugliest sister … with crooked teeth, smelly breath, balding and a pus leaking hump as a bonus!

But well, your love for Excel makes you blind and, understand me well, if the above is your “thing”, enjoy it to the fullest. But those who are not blinded by love do see that Excel is unsuitable for professional use.