Microsoft denounces Apple for refusing to allow game streaming services on iOS

Microsoft condemns Apple’s decision not to allow game streaming services on iOS. According to Microsoft, Apple rates game streaming apps differently than other apps. Apple says it wants to assess each game separately.

Apple is the only one that prevents its users from streaming games, Microsoft claims in a statement to The Verge . “Apple applies different rules to non-gaming apps, even those that offer interactive content.” Netflix, among others, has put interactive videos online in the past and made them available through its apps.

Apple is relying on its App Store rules and saying game streaming services are welcome. “As long as they follow the same rules that apply to all developers, including individually submitting games for review and appearing in charts and search.”

Game streaming services such as those from Microsoft, Google and Nvidia cannot avoid the rules and there is no other way of distributing apps on iOS, because Apple has a monopoly on app distribution on iOS with the App Store. Valve Steam Link and PS Remote Play from Sony do work on iOS, because they only allow access to your own device on the same network and that is allowed . Apps like Microsoft xCloud and Google Stadia run the games on the companies’ servers. Apple itself has a game subscription called Arcade, although that is not a game streaming service.