Google doc mentions development of foldable Pixel smartphone

The site 9to5Google has seen a document in which Google mentions the development of a Pixel smartphone with a folding screen. It should be released before the end of next year, the document said.

The phone would be codenamed Passport, 9to5Google mentions. That was the name of a BlackBerry smartphone from 2014, but it probably indicates that it is a device with a folding screen on the inside, such as the Samsung Galaxy Fold, Z Fold2, Z Flip and the Motorola Razr. A folding screen can also be on the outside, such as on the Huawei Mate Xs .

In addition to the Passport, there are more code names in the document, including two names that refer to Pixel 6 models. There is also a Pixel 5a mentioned in the document that should be released next spring. The Pixel 3a came out in May last year, but the Pixel 4a faced a delay and is due out in two weeks.

The site notes that this is an internal document aimed at the development and that not all telephones will eventually go into production. The document also states the ‘muskie’, a prototype that HTC had in development and that Pixel 2 XL should have become. Instead, it became the HTC U11 +. Google has not responded to 9to5Google on information from the document.