Microsoft adds ransomware protection to Windows 10 test version

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Microsoft has added the Controlled Folders feature to a test version of Windows 10. Testers can designate folders that Windows monitors. For example, as soon as malware tries to make changes, Defender blocks it. That should help against ransomware.

The feature is in the Insiders build for users in the Fast Ring. It is a test version of the Fall Creators Update that should be released this fall. The build number is 16232 and users in the Fast Ring will be offered the update on Thursday or in the coming days.

Controlled Folders can be found as an option in Windows Defender, the antimalware program in Windows. When users add folders to Controlled Folders, programs that Microsoft has designated as “friendly” can continue to modify files. If they are not on the list, Defender will block the changes and notify the user. They can then still allow the changes.

Controlled Folders should limit the damage from ransomware and other Internet attacks, says Microsoft. This week, many companies faced a global internet attack. Controlled Folders will probably come to Windows as a feature when the Fall Creators Update comes out this fall. Microsoft has added more features and squashed bugs in build 16232. It has put a changelog online for that.

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