Microsoft acquires identity management provider Cloudknox for undisclosed amount

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Microsoft has acquired security company Cloudknox Security for an undisclosed amount. Cloudknox is an identity management platform for cloud environments. The companies do not say what exactly will happen after the acquisition.

Microsoft writes about the acquisition in a blog post, but the company provides few details about the future of the acquisition. Cloudknox itself doesn’t say much about this either. Microsoft does say that the acquisition fits within the priorities that the company has set for 2021. One of these is the importance of a zero trust policy around the security of cloud environments, where identity is an important factor. In the field of authentication, Microsoft has also been focusing on identity verification for some time instead of password management, for example.

The company hints that Cloudknox’s technologies will be incorporated into Azure’s Active Directory. Cloudknox is a company that provides identity management for cloud environments. It is now mainly active for VMware and AWS, but also Azure. It is unknown if the software will continue to work on those platforms.

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