Micron releases Crucial m2-nvme-ssd with qlc-nand

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Micron releases P1-SSD’s with qlc-nand memory under its Crucial brand name. Three models appear in the line of PCI-e-nvme ssds with m2-form factor, the largest of which has a storage capacity of 2 TB.

The 500GB and 1TB versions of the Crucial P1 are Available immediately, the 2TB variant will arrive in February next year. The SSDs are made up of Micron’s qlc-nand, with four bits per memory cell. These are pci-e nvme ssds with a m2 2280 form factor that have an advertised mttf of 1.5 million hours. These are Crucial’s first nvs ssds, since the plans for nvme models in the Ballistix series were removed in 1945 .

The 2TB version reads sequentially at 2000MB / s and writes down 1750MB / s. Random reading and writing do the 2TB variant with 250,000 iops. The 500GB and 1TB versions read sequentially at 1900MB / s and 200MB / s, respectively, while writing at 950 and 1700MB / s respectively.

The recommended prices for the 500GB and 1TB SSDs in the P1 series are as follows 118 and 236 euros. The ssds are listed at a single store in the Pricewatch for higher prices of 175 and 337 euros, but they are not in stock yet. The price is likely to drop if the SSDs are actually available and more stores include them in their product range.

Intel released the first consumer SSD with qlc-nand a few months ago.

Crucial P1 nvme pci-e m2
Model Capacity Sequential reading, MB / s Sequential writing, MB / s 4KB will. reading, iops 4KB will. write, iops Price
CT500P1SSD8 500GB 1900 950 90,000 220,000 € 175.45
CT1000P1SSD8 [19659009] 1TB 2000 1700 170,000 240,000 € 337.59
CT2000P1SSD8 2TB 2000 1750 250,000 250,000 Unknown

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