First UHD-Blu-ray disks with IMAX Enhanced and HDR10 + will be released at the end of 2018

The two first ultra-hd-blu-ray films that will be labeled as IMAX Enhanced will be released at the end of this year. The discs from A Beautiful Planet and Journey to the South Pacific support hdr10 +

The IMAX Enhanced -introduction of A Beautiful Planet and Journey to the South Pacific ] takes place on 11 December, writes AVS . The discs for the 4k documentaries support DTS: X in the English and Spanish languages. There is no support for blu-ray 3d, although Journey to the South Pacific was included with IMAX 3D cameras.

IMAX announced IMAX Enhanced last month . The company applies post-production techniques to remasters that provide improved 4k HDR reproduction in living rooms. High-end devices that, according to IMAX, are able to provide optimal reproduction, are eligible for IMAX Enhanced certification. However, it is not clear what requirements TV and players need to meet. Also, it is not known which devices are eligible for an IMAX Enhanced license, but at least Sony, Denon and Marantz are partners.

The ultra-hd-blu-ray documentaries further support hdr10 +. This is an open standard from Samsung and Panasonic that can be seen as a counterpart to Dolby Vision and supports dynamic rather than static metadata. Hdr10 + has gained popularity, partly because no license fee is required. For the time being, only Panasonic and Samsung TVs have a hdr10 + certification . Sony is not a member of the HDR10 + Alliance.


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