Micron begins production of GDDR6X memory with 24Gbit/s speeds for new GPUs

Micron has started producing faster GDDR6X memory modules with speeds of 24Gbit/s. The American manufacturer confirms this on its website. The modules are intended for future video cards, presumably from Nvidia.

Micron has his GDDR6X webpage recently updated with new information about the new 24Gbit/s GDDR6X modules. That noted Twitter user harukaze5919. The website now states that these memory chips are in production. Each GDDR6X module will have a capacity of 16Gbit, which equates to 2GB per chip. Several of those chips can then be combined on a video card. For example, the current GeForce RTX 3090 Ti has twelve memory chips, for a total memory capacity of 24GB.

Micron previously announced that it is working on GDDR6X memory chips that can reach speeds of up to 24Gbit/s and are intended for future video cards. Currently, the company supplies GDDR6X modules with speeds of up to 21Gbit/s. Micron said in April that the new, faster chips are intended for “the data-hungry applications of the future.”

The 24Gbit/s modules are expected to be used in upcoming Nvidia video cards. Micron worked closely with Nvidia to develop GDDR6X. So far, this memory type has been used exclusively for Nvidia GPUs. When released in 2020, Micron came with GDDR6X modules that reached speeds of up to 19.5Gbit/s, which were used in the GeForce RTX 3090 and RTX 3080, among others. The RTX 3090 Ti, released earlier this year, uses the newer 21Gbit /s memory chips.

The release of the first GeForce RTX 40 graphics cards is expected in a few months. Nvidia would come later this year with an RTX 4090. The RTX 4080 and other lower-ranked cards are expected later. Those video cards are expected to use the existing GDDR6X memory chips at lower speeds. The top model, a possible RTX 4090 Ti or Titan, would use the 24Gbit/s modules, also writes VideoCardz.

The Micron GDDR6X 24Gbit/s modules (MT61K512M32KPA-24) are now in production.