Epic Games Acquires Sketchfab And Makes Plus Version Free

Epic Games acquires Sketchfab. That is a platform where users can upload, display and sell 3d models. Among other things, Epic Games announces that the Plus version of Sketchfab will be free. The platform also integrates with Epic’s other platforms.

Epic Games reports on its website that Sketchfab will remain a standalone brand after the acquisition, which will have to work closely with Epic Games’ Unreal Engine team. With the acquisition, the commission in the Sketchfab store will be reduced to 12 percent, among other things. Previously it was 30 percent.

Sketchfab itself announces that Sketchfab must be integrated with other Epic Games products and software, among other things. The company mentions, for example, ArtStation and RealityCapture. Existing Sketchfab integrations, for example with Unity and other engines, will continue to work according to Epic Games.

The Plus version of the platform will also be available to all users for free. With the Plus version, users are entitled to ten monthly uploads, among other things. Without a Plus subscription, users could previously upload a maximum of one 3d model per month. Also, the maximum file size for free users will be increased from 50MB to 100MB.

Users who paid for a Plus subscription will be immediately switched to a Pro subscription at no additional cost . The Pro version initially offered 30 monthly uploads, but this number will be increased to 50 according to Sketchfab. Users can also choose to cancel their subscription and switch to the renewed free version.

The business subscription will continue to be retired and users will be able to use the Enterprise version of Sketchfab for a year at no extra cost. After that year, users can choose to renew that Enterprise subscription for a fee, choose another subscription, or cancel their subscription.

The two companies will not disclose further details about the acquisition. For example, it is unknown what amount Epic Games pays for Sketchfab. Epic Games has acquired more companies in recent years. Earlier this year, the company acquired Fall Guys developer Mediatonic and compression software maker RAD Game Tools, among others. Epic Games also owns the company behind the facial animations from God of War and Hellblade , as well as Quixel , Hyprsense, and the creator of the video chat app Houseparty .