Metro Exodus Coming Soon To Epic Games Store And Disappearing From Steam – Update

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The game Metro Exodus will be available soon on the Epic Games Store. Interested parties will no longer be able to purchase the game through Steam after Monday; the title could already be pre-ordered here. The new title from the Metro series will be released on February 15.

Epic Games reports together with publisher Deep Silver that Metro Exodus will soon be available on the Epic Games Store. A page has already been created for the game in the studio’s online store. The title previously appeared on Steam, pending its actual release. Valve reports on Metro Exodus’ Steam page that sales of the game will be discontinued at a later date Monday, “based on a publisher’s decision to release the game exclusively on another game store.”

Epic opened its store in December last year, dissatisfied with the high rates charged at the online stores of Valve, Google and Apple. Deep Silver CEO Klemens Kundratitz also refers to this when explaining the decision to choose the Epic Games Store: “Epic Games’ generous revenue demands are a game changer that allows publishers to invest more in content creation. , or pass a portion to the players’.

The fact that the game is no longer being sold through Steam doesn’t mean players who have already purchased the title through Valve’s platform will be disappointed: According to Valve, Epic Games has assured that all sales of Metro Exodus that have already expired through Steam will be valid. and that users can simply play the game through the platform. Future updates and DLC will also continue to be available to those who purchased the game through Steam.

Valve argues that this decision by Epic Games is not fair to Steam customers, especially because there was a long period in which the game was already available for purchase. The company behind Steam states that it was only recently informed of the decision and therefore there was little time to inform everyone about the change.

There are more big games that won’t appear on Steam at all, such as The Division 2. Ubisoft announced this over two weeks ago. Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 comes out a month after Metro Exodus. Metro 2033 Redux and Metro: Last Light Redux will be available on the Epic Games Store later this year.

Update, 8:11 PM: The website PC Gamer reports that publisher Deep Silver has announced in a new press release that Metro Exodus will be available again on Steam and any other game stores from February 14, 2020. That means the exclusivity deal with Epic Games will last for one year.

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