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Mesh WiFi becomes a universal standard

The WiFi Alliance has announced that they have developed a standard for Mesh WiFi. For those who do not follow it: Mesh WiFi is a method with different network points in a location that together create one large network, where the devices on the network are switched seamlessly from point to point, so you always have the box with the strongest connection. used. Until now, these systems are still on the expensive side, but they work a lot better than traditional WiFi .

Another thing that Mesh WiFi has to date is that you have to choose one brand, because only those boxes work together. Exactly there the WiFi Alliance was indented and they started the EasyMesh program, which has to ensure that all those different boxes can talk to each other via a standard. The Alliance is not just someone: they also determine the WiFi standards through certification, so if they say that a standard comes up, then there will be a standard. Companies are not obliged to participate, but usually the plans of the Alliance become commonplace and that is the standard everyone holds.

All together

The standard has to ensure that all those different Mesh devices can work together so that you can choose where you start me but do not necessarily have to stay with that brand if you have a want to buy another base station. You do not have to replace the satellite stations. That’s so nice because the average Mesh-set costs around 300 euros.
Perhaps the biggest players in that area (Google and Eero) will not participate immediately, but the advantage of the standard is that it is purely software-based, so existing devices can be adjusted to the standard with an update. . Usually a standard like this is a sign that the technology behind it is ready for the larger market, and you can expect that from Mesh WiFi. If you are still fine with the router that you got from your provider: fine! But Mesh WiFi is the future of our wireless networks, and then it is nice to have a party that takes it for us as consumers.

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