Apple has more self-driving cars in California than Waymo and Tesla

With all the news about Google’s Waymo, Tesla and until recently Uber you would almost forget Apple in the self-driving car race. Now, however, a study by MacReports shows that the Department of Motor Vehicles (the DMV) in the state has confirmed that Apple has the largest number of self-driving cars in the state driving around from the tech companies: 55 pieces to be precise. to be. The only competitor to overcome that is GM Cruise from General Motors, who have more than 100 vehicles driving around in the state. The competitors Waymo and Tesla are not far below, by the way. It saves only a small number of cars, but that is not the point.

Apple has not yet applied for a license to let cars drive completely without a driver, where you could conclude that the tech company has not yet reached that stage of testing. It means that now one of the 83 people who have a permit to accompany the car must be present to adjust the software if necessary. Since the first tests have not changed since then.

Re-inventing the wheel

Developments around Apple’s autonomous technology have so far been kept relatively quiet and all we know is that it is a pending business at Apple and what is leaking outside through third parties. The rumors say that Apple is working on software that could be used by any automaker and that could easily be implemented in those manufacturers’ own cars.

You might wonder what role Apple might still play in the self-driving car market. As good as all existing car manufacturers have or their own program or have collaborations with each other or tech parties. You would expect that Apple already has agreements that can not be brought out yet, otherwise they are together with all the rest to invent the wheel at the same time. In that sector, Apple’s name will not be worth so much that well-functioning systems will be thrown out the door, so it will tell us what the company from Cupertino can put on the table for any interested parties.