Lumia smartphone deliveries plummet amid positive quarterly figures Microsoft

Microsoft’s revenue from mobile phones and smartphones fell by more than half. The company shipped 5.8 million Lumia smartphones, much less than in the same quarter last year. Microsoft also had a lot of good news to report in its quarterly results.

The mobile division, which is part of Microsoft’s More Personal Computing business and the result of the acquisition of Nokia’s phone business, saw a 54 percent drop in sales, while shipments of Lumia smartphones fell from 9.3 million a year ago to 5. 8 million in recent months. The Lumia 950, 950 XL and 550 will be released in the coming months, which should increase deliveries, but Microsoft is not giving exact expectations. Shipments of Surface tablets also fell, according to the company due to the impending release of the new model Surface Pro 4.

Despite the disappointing phone deliveries, Microsoft also had a lot of positive things to report in the quarterly figures. For example, Office 365 added three million subscribers, bringing the total to eighteen million. The number of Xbox Live users grew by 28 percent to 39 million. The number of game consoles delivered decreased, due to the disappearance of the Xbox 360.

The number of Windows 10 users is 110 million, of which eight million are business PCs. Microsoft expects the number of business PCs with Windows 10 to increase early next year. In addition, it expects to gain more revenue from the sale of hardware with Windows 10 that will be released in the coming months.

Microsoft achieved a total turnover of 21.6 billion dollars, currently converted around 19.5 billion euros. Net income came in at $4.6 billion. This was partly due to the Intelligent Cloud business unit, where revenue increased by 8 percent.