Logitech releases Chorus headphones for Meta Quest 2 headsets for 100 euros

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Logitech has unveiled the Chorus, a pair of headphones developed for use with the Meta Quest 2 headset. The headphones can be attached to the strap of the headset and have an open sound box.

The Chorus attaches to the Quest 2’s headband and works with all Meta-made headbands. The Chorus is connected to the Quest via a USB-C cable. This supplies the headphones with power. The Chorus itself also has a USB-C port, so that users can still charge the headset, for example, even when the Chorus is attached to the headset.

The two ear cups can rotate on the headband, allowing the user to choose, for example, to rotate the ear cups away from the ears. Turning away also mutes the audio. The headphones are not worn on or over the user’s ears, but the two ear cups float slightly away from the ears. Logitech says this design doesn’t “disrupt” the user. The drivers have an open sound box, so users also hear what is happening around them.

Chorus weighs 182 grams and costs 100 euros. The headphones resemble the headphones that come with the Valve Index by default, or the Deluxe Audio Strap from Vive.

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