LG sues smartphone maker Wiko for violating 4G patents

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LG has sued the originally French smartphone maker Wiko in Germany for violating patents in the field of 4G. LG has been in talks with Wiko since the end of 2015 about a license for the patents.

LG has filed the case in the German city of Mannheim, the manufacturer says. That is a court known for many rulings in favor of patent holders and many companies therefore turn to the German city for lawsuits. LG has not said what it demands from the French manufacturer if it does not want to pay license fees.

These are patents that are essential when implementing 4G in a smartphone. LG sued the American smartphone maker Blu last year for the same reason. According to LG, Wiko delivered more than ten million smartphones in Europe last year. The company relies on figures from analyst firm Strategy Analytics. It is unknown if and when the case will serve. Wiko was once French, but came into Chinese hands.

Wiko View 2 Pro

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