Lepide: SQL Server Storage Manager

The Lepide SQL Server storage manager is a free utility to analyze performance and structure of your SQL Servers, providing complete visibility of storage space and performance. It enables IT, teams, to identify potential issues before they occur quickly.

Key features

  • Removes the need to writing complex SQL Servers and stored procedures
  • Provides real-time alerts based on easy to configure criteria
  • Provides a centralized platform to create consolidated reports of all SQL resources
  • Provides simple graphical displays showing all elements of your SQL servers

Key benefits

  • Effectively track, manage and plan disk space utilization across your SQL servers
  • Identify issues with defragmentation, table partitioning, object switching and indexes
  • Reduce network traffic time by partitioning databases, heaps, and indexes
  • Better visibility of databases, file groups, files, and tables and more.