Lenovo plans to bring official Linux support to at least 36 systems this year

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Lenovo plans to extend official support for Linux as an operating system to at least 36 platforms. Several systems in Lenovo’s L-series, E-series and Z-series are getting official Linux support.

During a presentation at a Debian conference, Lenovo outlined its plans announced for supporting Linux on its computers, reports Phoronix. The manufacturer wants to provide a total of more than 36 of its systems with official Linux support before the end of this year. There should also be more laptops available on which Linux is pre-installed.

According to Lenovo’s technical lead, Mark Pearson, Linux is expected to be better supported alongside Windows. Pearson announces support for new Z-series and E-series laptops. A number of L-series laptops with an AMD chip have also been added to the list.

These are laptops with an AMD Rembrandt or AMD Barcelo. Support for Intel Alder Lake chips has also been expanded. During the presentation, Pearson shared a full list of laptops and desktop systems that will receive Linux support. The full presentation can be viewed on the DebConf22 website.

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