Lenovo patent shows smartphones with selfie camera slider

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Lenovo has been awarded two patents that indicate two upcoming phones with a slider. This would contain the front camera, so that the rest of the phone consists entirely of screen. The difference between the phones is in the number of cameras on the front and back.

The patent applications for the phones were discovered by a British phone comparator. The patents have been filed with the Chinese patent office, so the devices may not eventually appear in Europe. Although Tiger Mobiles writes that it is a Lenovo device, the phone certainly resembles previous Moto devices from parent company Motorola with regard to the camera. Lenovo has already presented the Z5 Pro, which also has a slider.

The application shows how the phone has a mechanism that allows the back to be slid up a bit. This is how the selfie camera of the device appears. Previous Lenovo devices such as the standard Z5 still had a big notch. The patent shows that there will be two different devices, with different front cameras. The first phone shows a single front camera, the second has two.

The rear camera of the device also stands out. It sits in a large round bulge, similar to Moto devices from Lenovo’s subsidiary Motorola. There are also two different versions of this, with a double and triple camera on the back respectively. Other specifications about the device are not known. The company has not yet announced that it is working on such a device.

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