Legacy update for Apex Legends adds tactical 3v3 game mode

The next season of Apex Legends will add a new Arenas game mode, among other things. This 3v3 mode will be a permanent addition to the game. The update also adds a new legend and arc.

Season 9 of the free-to-play game will be introduced in the form of the upcoming Legacy update. Arenas is a tactical game mode in which two teams of three players compete against each other for multiple rounds. Gamers play as the regular legends also used in the battle royale mode. Contestants have only one life per round, so they cannot respawn in between when they are eliminated. A round ends when all players from a team are defeated.

Before each round, users can buy or upgrade weapons, just like in tactical shooters like Counter-Strike and Valorant. What’s different is that players’ assets are reset every round, which should ensure that teams don’t get major advantages as the game mode progresses. To win the game mode, teams must win at least three rounds, although teams must also win at least two rounds more than the other team.

The Legacy update also adds a new legend called Valkyrie. Developer Respawn Studio released a teaser last week showing this character. Valkyrie’s abilities include a rocket swarm and a skyward dive as ultimate, which launches her squad of jetpacks into the air for re-deployment. The upcoming season will also get an Infested Olympus mode and can expect a bow as a new weapon. The Legacy Update will be released on May 4.