Kojima Gives More Details About Death Stranding Director’s Cut

Kojima Productions has revealed more about the content of Death Stranding Director’s Cut. The developer shows all kinds of new tools and shows images of new missions, in which main character Sam ends up in a mysterious building.

According to the makers, the new version of Death Stranding will get new missions with plenty of action. In a video, Kojima Productions shows images of new environments in which those missions take place. It concerns a ‘mysterious facility’, in which Sam will make unknown discoveries. It is not yet clear how many new missions or gameplay the Director’s Cut will add.

In addition, various new tools are discussed. Sam Parker gets a kind of jetpack at his disposal. This is a backpack with thrusters that allow players to make a soft landing when they jump from a great height. In the video, the makers also show more details about Boddy Bot and the Cargo Catapult, which are other new tools to make transporting packages easier.

The game will have a training ground where players can practice with weapons and perform challenges. This is combined with a scoring system with online rankings. So will the race track that will be added and the boss fights, which players can repeat by selecting them in Sam’s abode. The Director’s Cut soundtrack will also receive eight new songs.

The video concludes with a teaser showing Sam in a doorway, which connects to a mysterious underwater world. With that, it seems that Kojima Productions has some surprises in store and isn’t announcing all the details about the Director’s Cut in advance.

Death Stranding Director’s Cut will be released on September 24 for PlayStation 5. Players who own the PS4 version can upgrade to the enhanced and expanded version for $10. It is not yet known if and when the expansions will come to the PC version.