Crusader Kings III Coming to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X and S

Grand stategy game Crusader Kings III has been available on PC for almost a year now and developer and publisher Paradox is now also bringing the title to the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X and S. That is a striking step, as the complex game is not immediately very seems suitable for consoles.

Paradox says it’s the first time a game in this series is coming to consoles. For this version, the developer is working with developers from Lab42. During the recent Xbox Gamescom stream, host Kate Yeager said the game has been refined to bring the grand strategy experience to a controller. For example, according to the developers, there will be gamepad support designed from the ground up for the consoles’ controllers.

Yeager indicated that this console version is mainly an adaptation and not a direct port. Paradox has told PC Gamer that the changes compared to the PC version are mainly in the interface and controls of the game and that it is not about a major redesign of the game itself.

There seem to be some differences between the consoles from Microsoft and Sony. The Xbox consoles will have the ability to quickly switch between gameplay and YouTube tutorial videos, while the PlayStation 5 will have specific support for the capabilities of the DualSense controllers. Paradox probably refers to haptic feedback and the adaptive triggers.

In the Crusader Kings games, players must lead medieval families while taking into account wars, intrigue and politics. For example, marrying certain relatives is an important tool for improving ties with allied states or making potential enemies part of your empire. The goal is to build the greatest dynasty in history.

Crusader Kings III is characterized by a very large campaign playing field that extends from Iceland to India and Scandinavia to Africa, but above all by a multitude of menus, interfaces, buttons and textual choices and messages. This makes these games mainly feel like PC games. The new trailer briefly shows a circle menu, a typical interface tool for consoles.

It is still unknown when exactly Crusader Kings III will be released for the PlayStation 5 and the new Xbox consoles. Further technical information about how the game will perform on these consoles has not yet been shared. Crusader Kings III will also be part of the Xbox Game Pass subscription.