KitKat Update Galaxy Note 3 Blocks Third Party Accessories – Update

Several non-Samsung accessories would no longer work with the Galaxy Note 3 after the Android 4.4.2 KitKat update was installed. Samsung has enabled the controversial accessory authentication system in this firmware version.

Samsung uses rfid chips in its own accessories to recognize an ‘official’ product, but the accessory authentication system was not yet enabled in the Android 4.3 firmware of the Galaxy Note 3. This is the case in the update to KitKat, users report to Sammobile. Among other things, Spigen cases with an S View window would no longer work, because they do not have the correct rfid chip.

By silently turning on the security mechanism, a method often used by Apple, Samsung seems to be pushing its fans against the grain. This has already happened with the controversial region lock.

Companies that still want to release accessories for the Note 3 will probably have to purchase a license from Samsung, but the security method can be disabled via the Xposed Framework after root access to the system has been obtained. However, the Note 3 owner runs the risk of losing the warranty when gaining root access.

Update, 16:33: Samsung says in a response to Sammobile that the Android 4.4 update cannot be related to third-party accessories that do not work. Note owners could also “obviously” use accessories from other companies with their smartphone. However, it is unclear whether there is a bug in the KitKat firmware for the Galaxy Note 3 and whether it will be fixed soon.