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Kingdom Hearts 3 leaks out and details appear online

The still unreleased game Kingdom Hearts 3 seems to have leaked prematurely. The game seems to have come into the hands of people who have posted screenshots and videos online. The creator of the game has confirmed its leakage.

The images and videos seem to have appeared online this weekend, and that was subsequently noticed by several people including on Twitter. The videos appeared on YouTube, but most of them seem to have been taken offline again. These videos included the gameplay.

In a reaction, the publishers of the game know that they are aware of the leakage of Kingdom Hearts 3. It is also known that game has leaked, but no further details are given. The makers call for not to share the posted videos and just wait for the official release.

Square Enix announced in June that Kingdom Hearts 3 would be released on January 29. That release date also continues after the parts of the game have been leaked on that date.

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