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Juventus sells 520,000 shirts in 24 hours

It is one of the most talked-about football transfers this summer. We are talking about moving Cristiano Ronaldo to the ‘Old Lady’ Juventus.

The football club from Turin paid around 105 million euros for the star player of Real Madrid and Portugal. Something that produced a lot of comments. Because both Juventus and Fiat are in the hands of the wealthy Agnelli family. And the employees at the car manufacturer had no longer had a pay rise, but the club is throwing euros for attracting new players. Incidentally, the announced protest was far from successful .

The Ronaldo effect

But good Ronaldo. One of the, if not the best player in the world. Attracting him, that does something with a club. Likewise, the Agnelli family has undoubtedly known. Because in the first 24 hours after the deal was settled Juventus has sold more than half a million shirts with the name of Ronaldo on the back. This is shown by figures from Yahoo Sport. You pay around 105 euros for an official shirt. So they have already paid the half transfer fee within a day. The Ronaldo effect.

In addition, the social channels of Juventus have also been given a big boost after Ronaldo was hired:

  • Instagram: + 1.4m
  • Twitter: + 1.1m
  • Facebook + 500k.

Nice figures for Juventus. And the investment of more than 100 million euros is likely to be recouped twice

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