Java version of Minecraft includes tribute to deceased Minecraft streamer

The launcher of the Java version of Minecraft includes a tribute to the streamer Technoblade. The YouTuber, whose channel has more than 13 million subscribers, passed away last week from cancer. He turned 23 years old.

The image in the launcher shows a pig with a crown. This is a reference to Technoblade’s avatar in Minecraft, a pig-man with a golden crown. The original version of the image has a pig in the same position, but it lacks the characteristic headgear.

Technoblade was part of the popular Minecraft server Dream SMP. Very little is known about his private life, except that his name was Alex. Last year he was diagnosed with cancer. In a YouTube video published last Thursday, Technoblade’s father read a message from the streamer. In it, Technoblade writes about making his last video while he was struggling with cancer. At the time of writing, the video has been viewed over 54 million times. It Minecraft team writes Friday that it is “devastated by the loss of Technoblade” and that he “has meant a lot to the game’s community”.