Irdeto Unveils Nintendo Switch Emulator Protection drm

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Denuvo creator Irdeto unveiled a new DRM software at Gamescom, which was developed specifically for Nintendo Switch games. According to the developer, the Nintendo Switch Emulator Protection should “counteract the piracy of Switch games”.

In a statement notes Irdeto that “Nintendo consoles have long suffered from piracy problems”. “Even if the PC version of a game is pirated, the version released on Switch can be emulated from day one and played on PC, bypassing the PC version protection.”

However, with the Nintendo Switch Emulator Protection, the developer claims that “everyone who wants to play the game should buy a legit copy”. While Irdeto hasn’t explained the technology in detail, it says it “integrates seamlessly into the game’s build” and “blocks playing the game on emulators.”

It is not yet known which future Switch games will include the Nintendo Switch Emulator Protection drm.

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