iOS 15 will appear much sooner than you think!

It’s time again for the biggest Apple event of the year! It’s coming next Tuesday. Apple will then present the iPhone 13 and some other new products. But there is also news about iOS 15, the new operating system for the iPhone.

When iOS 15 release date?

iOS 15 has already been announced at Apple’s WWDC event in June. Back then, Apple kept the release date vague. Traditionally, Apple reveals the official release date during the event in September. So we’ll hear more next Tuesday. And you could very well have iOS 15 on your iPhone by next week!

Back to last year, to iOS 14. Last year’s September event took place on Tuesday, September 15. Then Apple revealed that iOS 14 would be available one day later. If Apple takes the same approach as it did then, then iOS 15 already available next Wednesday, September 15.

Apple previews

It is remarkable that Apple itself is already giving a preview of iOS 15. That is also an indication that you can expect the update soon. Do you have the Apple Tips app on your iPhone? Then you received a notification earlier this week about the arrival of iOS 15. If you open the app, you will see the biggest new functions in a nutshell. In this preview, Apple mentions the following new iOS 15 features:

  • Shared with you: Does someone share photos, music, links, or other content with you through the Messages app? Then you can easily see that in the corresponding app. For example, links get their own section in Safari.
  • Focus: Focus is the new and improved version of Do Not Disturb and helps you focus on what you are doing. For example, only receive messages from colleagues at work and block distracting apps.
  • Bundled Notifications: Have you turned off Notifications on your iPhone because there are too many? Turn them on again, because they are now bundled and delivered at a time that suits you best.