Stadia’s game chief switches to Google Cloud

The Director for Games of Google’s game streaming service Stadia is making an internal move to take on the role of Director of Global Gaming Solutions in the Google Cloud division. The move is a result of Google’s changed strategy with Stadia.

Stadia’s game chief Jack Buser will move to Google Cloud in mid-September. Buser spent more than five years with Stadia building that game streaming service and partnering with publishers and development studios, ZDNet writes.

The switch is not unexpected. At the beginning of this year, Google closed its Stadia Games & Entertainment locations for developing its own games. The company’s strategy is to provide a platform for third parties to offer game streaming services after the great success of developing its own Stadia games failed to materialize.

Buser’s new role reflects the increased role of gaming for Google Cloud as a platform. In that role, he will be responsible for attracting game companies that use Google’s cloud gaming services. Before joining Google, Buser worked at Sony, where he was involved in the development of PlayStation Now, PlayStation Plus, and PlayStation Home, among others.

More people left Stadia last year. In May, for example, the vice president and head of product left, who in that role was responsible for ‘the consumer experience’ of the service.