Intel will release first products at 10nm at the end of this year

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At the end of this year, Intel will release the first products that it has made on a 10nm process. That is what top people of the manufacturer say in a discussion of the quarterly figures. Intel achieved record sales in the previous quarter.

Intel is starting to release products with low volume, because it still has little capacity to produce products at 10nm. This concerns the cheaper products, says Intel CEO Brian Krzanich in the discussion of the quarterly figures. “And so you’ll see a variety of products through 2018 as we can produce more at 10nm. We’ll start with the, I call it, simpler products at the beginning, all the way to the high performance, high complexity products. by the middle and end of the year.”

The processor maker is now almost ready for the production of processors on its 10nm process. The American company has been making its processors using its 14nm process for several years, including models in the Kaby Lake and Skylake generations.

Intel posted record sales last quarter. It had sales of $14.8 billion and operating income of $4.2 billion. Compared to the same period last year, turnover increased by 14 percent and operating income by 30 percent.

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