Instagram unveils Notes text messages and collaborative profiles

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Instagram announces announces some new features for the social platform, including the ability to share text messages of up to 60 characters. Joint profiles will also come to Meta’s medium.

Users can first choose who will receive the Note via the Direct Messages inbox. These can only be users who also follow the sender back or people who are designated as Close Friends. A message can then be created of up to 60 characters, including regular text and emojis. The message will then appear at the top of recipients’ inboxes and remain available for 24 hours. Any responses to such Notes will appear as DM in the sender’s inbox. The new Notes feature should be rolled out to all users from today.

Furthermore, Meta announces a feature called Group Profiles. Users can create a joint profile as a kind of separate Instagram page. If members of such a profile share something with this account, the content will only be shown to members of the Group Profile, not to the sender’s other followers. This feature should be rolled out ‘soon’.

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