Instagram Guides: New and useful feature to boost your profile

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Instagram launched a new feature this week: Guides. You may have already noticed the Instagram update, as some buttons have also been moved. In addition to the renewed layout, a new function has also been introduced: guides. We tell you what Instagram Guides are and how to use it. You can give your profile a boost, especially if you have a business account or are a blogger or influencer. But even if you just like to share your personal tips or favorites, the new function is fun to use.

Instagram Guides

You create an Instagram Guide to bundle information. Super handy as a meeting place for manuals and tips, for example. With the big plus that you can put a lot more information in it than a regular blog post or stories. For example, a guide can look a bit like a blog post. You can store text, photos and videos in it. Good for Instagram because you spend more time on the platform. Good for you to provide your followers with more detailed information and to get more interaction.

How do you use Instagram Guides?

Here’s how to make an Instagram Guide:

  • Open your own profile
  • Click on the plus sign at the top right
  • Choose the option ‘guide’ or ‘guide’ (depending on your settings)
  • Select the type of guide you want to create: posts, products, or posts

Places: Would you like to share your favorite places with your followers? Then choose places. Share here the places you like to visit or, for example, make a nice guide with the addresses you visited on holiday.

Products: Here you share your favorite products from entrepreneurs, brands, or stores that you follow on Instagram. Or you create a wish list with products that are on your wish list. This is also a great function in the context of ‘support your locals’. Product guides can also be displayed in the Instagram Shop.

Messages: This function can be used a little more widely. You share a selection of your messages and thus create a handy overview. Handy for bundling topics or showing what you do as an entrepreneur. Visitors to your profile do not have to scroll through your entire feed.

Share guides

Have you made a nice guide? Then share it in your stories and display all created guides in your profile. With the guides you can not only put yourself in the spotlight, it is also the place where you give other entrepreneurs a platform. And you can even collect your favorites there. Almost sounds like Pinterest? That may be true, it does look a bit like it, only the boards are called guides here. In any case, Instagram knows well what its users want. This year, the social media platform also launched Reels, which has since become quite a success.

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