Instagram gets option to filter out ‘sensitive messages’

Facebook has announced a new option for Instagram that allows users to choose how many “sensitive posts” they want to see in Instagram’s Discover screen. They can choose to allow or filter out suggestive messages.

Sensitive posts include posts that don’t necessarily break Instagram’s usage guidelines, but may be of a sexual nature or suggest violence. The new mode should give users more control over what content they see on the Discover page.

Users can choose allow, restrict and further restrict. By default, the mode is set to restrict. This filters out most photos and videos that are potentially offensive. Users under the age of eighteen cannot choose to allow sensitive messages; they are filtered out by default.

To adjust what is filtered, users must click Account in the settings and then Check for sensitive content. Facebook does not explain how Instagram filters these messages.

By default, Instagram removes violent posts, nudes, sexual acts, and posts promoting tobacco products, erotic products, and drugs. Still, there are many messages that are on the brink. People who are bothered by that can use the new option to filter that content as well.