ING will still correct double transfers for customers – update 2

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ING customers who have accidentally transferred money more than once due to the extensive disruption of internet banking should initially ensure that the incorrect transfers are reversed, but the bank will come back to this.

“Anyone who has lost money should contact the recipient. We cannot determine whether a customer did this accidentally or on purpose,” an ING spokesperson told De Telegraaf on Wednesday. There is a chance that this will affect many of the bank’s customers. On Tuesday, a major disruption in internet banking at ING took place.

As a result, MijnING was not available via the browser. Anyone who made a transfer via the bank’s mobile app also received an error message. However, that error message advised you to try again, even though the original transfer had been made. Many ING customers complain on Twitter that they have transferred money several times without noticing. ING says that victims can file an official complaint, but that it is in the first instance their own responsibility to get the money back.

Update 11.25: The bank has nevertheless proceeded to cancel the double transfers for customers. “All double bookings have been removed”, the bank informs RTLZ. Customers therefore do not have to take any action themselves.

Update 2. 12.20: According to ING, there are no double transfers at all, even though many customers on Twitter claim that they have: “Today it seemed as if the double transfers actually took place. This is not the case. debits and credits reflects the actual situation.”

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