ING customers cannot make transfers due to malfunction – update

The ING bank is dealing with a malfunction in both the My ING internet banking service and the Mobile Banking app. As a result, customers are currently unable to make transfers.

ING makes both on its own website and on Twitter notification of the malfunction. In addition, the bank calls on its customers not to submit a payment multiple times. The company says it is working hard on a solution but has not yet released information about when the outage is expected to end. Due to the malfunction, Mijn ING Particulier and Mijn ING Zakelijk cannot be used for payments, and the same applies to the mobile app.

It can be seen on the All malfunctions malfunction website that the malfunction started in the course of the afternoon. Customers report the problems on the site, where the number of customer complaints has risen sharply. For example, there are quite a few customers who complain about problems paying for groceries, because they are unable to transfer money from the savings account to the checking account.

Update, 8:53 PM: ING reported at 19:48 that the problems with the Mobile Banking app and Mijn ING had been resolved. This allows customers to make transfers again.