Inform other road users on Google Maps

Navigation apps are becoming more extensive and personal. In Google Maps you can also see the opening hours of shops, restaurants and reviews.

Now there might be a new feature in Google Maps, which will update traffic issues. Some users may see roadworks in the Google Maps app and the time of the accident. Users can indicate how certain they are that there is still a delay, with ‘yes’, ‘no’ or ‘not sure’.

Waze or Google Maps

This new option is similar to Waze, the navigation app launched by Google five years ago. Users report closed roads, accidents, police cars and other traffic problems. It is not yet clear whether the feature is a test or whether it will be available for all Android users in the next update.
Waze is popular due to the possibility of reporting traffic disruption. Still, Google does not want these two apps to be competitors. Both apps have a different user focus. Waze is primarily intended for drivers, while Google Maps is also used for walking, public transport, cycling and local information and recommendations.