Infinity Ward Brings Back Three-Player Team Option in CoD Warzone

Developer Infinity Ward has now brought back the queuing option for teams of three players in the battle royale segment Warzone of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. Recently, that option was removed, which could count on a lot of criticism from players.

Infinity Ward previously announced on Twitter that it would reduce the queue for three-man teams and that is already happened. The temporary mode that was introduced a few days ago, where players only have access to sniper rifles and shotguns, has already been removed. That was probably done to make room for the newly brought back regular battle royale playlist for teams of three players. The previous Plunder mode has also been adjusted, in which it is all about collecting as much money as possible. It was previously accessible for squads of four people, but is now only for duos. There have also been many calls from players to introduce a regular two-person queue, but it hasn’t appeared so far.

The removal of the list for teams of three players drew a lot of criticism and Infinity Ward and Activision have now listened to it. The removal mainly affected the situation of two friends playing together. They were left with only the mode for teams of four, where they rely heavily on collaboration with two unknowns. If the two additional, unknown players do not cooperate or if it is chosen not to allow others to join the team, the first two players on the battlefield may run into teams of four well-cooperating players.

Activision and Infinity Ward have made quite a few changes in a short time to the various available queues and, according to players, the communication about this often leaves something to be desired. For example, the queue for trios was removed earlier, in favor of the introduction of squads at the time. A solo mode was also added earlier; just like the squad option, it hasn’t been removed yet.

The current situation after bringing back the queue for teams of three (left) and the situation of the past few days