Images may show dummies of two upcoming iPhone models

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Photos have surfaced that may show dummy models of two upcoming iPhone devices. It would be the two largest versions. There are rumors that Apple wants to present three iPhones this year.

In the photos, which come from smartphone shopper Ben Geskin, according to Geskin a 6.5″ model along with a 6.1″ iPhone. That larger model has so far also been referred to as the ‘iPhone X Plus’ and presumably has a 6.5″ OLED screen. The published photo shows a different camera configuration compared to the smaller model. a cheaper version, which has an LCD instead of an OLED screen.

A third device, which Geskin is not showing now, would be a 5.8″ model with an OLED screen, which is also seen as the direct successor to the current iPhone X. He recently put the fronts of the three models online. see that the OLED models have relatively thin screen edges. Geskin also made some renders based on the fronts. An analyst previously stated that the most expensive of the new models, the 6.5 “model, may get the same price as the current iPhone X.

Images sourced from Ben Geskin

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