IKEA introduces colored smart spots with GU10 fitting

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IKEA has added a colored LED spot with GU10 fitting to its Trådfri line of smart lighting. Users can choose from nine different colors and dimming options with the new Trådfri GU10 LED lamp.

IKEA already had GU10 lamps in its Trådfri range, but they were only dimmable or only the white shade could be adjusted. The new GU10 variant can also offer colored display, has a maximum brightness of 345 lumens and is offered for 14.95 euros. The earlier variant with white tones has a maximum brightness of 400 lumens and costs 12.95 euros. The version that can only dim costs 7 euros.

The launch follows other recent additions to IKEA’s Trådfri range, such as a shortcut button and Silverglans, a wireless dimmer to dim, turn on and off up to 10 light sources at once. IKEA has to deal with increasing competition from Lidl, among others. It also recently expanded its range to include colored mood lamps and colored outdoor lighting. Lidl also introduced a heater that can be operated via WiFi and a wireless doorbell.

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