Idris Elba is almost certainly the new James Bond

There has been speculation for a long time about the new James Bond . Daniel Craig wanted to give up the role and next year he will play for the very last time Bond and then it will be time for a new 007. Then everyone will think about who would be the perfect James Bond. The name that came back again and again was Idris Elba.

It would be time for a colored Bond and Elba is exactly the kind of man who could shine in the Bond role, it was said. It seems that the prayers have been answered and that Elba will take on the role, if at least we can believe his tweet that went out today:

Idris Elba must become James Bond

It is not confirmation per se, but the rumors about Elba’s role as Bond have been around for so long that we can not interpret this as confirmation of those rumors. And hey, Elba is also the perfect man to play Bond: classy, ​​not overly muscular but clearly capable of hurting bad people, extremely British and not too young or too old.

The internet seems to be largely in agreement: this is a good idea. The reactions to social media are therefore also positive and now it is only waiting for the official confirmation from Sony that Elba is going to be. Let’s put it this way: if they choose someone else at this stage, it becomes a thing. We want Elba!


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