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Transparent limited edition Playstation 4 Pro is very beautiful

Playstation goes well: Sony has already sold more than 500 million Playstations since the Japanese launch of the first Playstation in 1994. These are a lot of consoles and now Playstation is as synonymous with gaming as Nintendo in the 80s and 90s. A good performance there of course they are very proud at Sony. To celebrate success, this limited dark blue transparent PS4 Pro will be launched on August 24th.

Transparent design

The device has to cost 500 euros, but then you get a Playstation that is ready for 4K and a larger than normal 2TB hard drive. That’s nice, but in the end you would buy this Pro because it looks stylish. The gift color, semi-transparency and bronze accents make this Playstation a unique console. And yes, he is therefore limited.

Worldwide 50,000 are produced, which makes it impossible to get one, but also the trouble to not wait too long. All copies also receive a number, so that everyone really has a unique and limited edition. If you want you can also buy a matching Gold headset and if necessary a second controller is also an option. Be quick, because everyone is charmed by the design so there will be many people who want to have one!

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