Huawei sues US carrier Verizon for patent infringement

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Chinese network supplier and smartphone maker Huawei has sued American carrier Verizon Wireless for patent infringement. It is not yet clear how much money Huawei wants to receive from the American market leader.

These include patents related to network technology, reports The Verge. Huawei has filed suit in two Texas courts for infringement of 12 patents. Both companies have been battling since June last year, when The Wall Street Journal wrote that the Chinese manufacturer wanted to see money from Verizon.

It is unknown how much money is involved, but according to The Verge it could be hundreds of millions of dollars. According to the tech site, Huawei first needs more information before it is possible to make a good estimate. It would have strong indications that Verizon is using the techniques that the Chinese company has patented.

The indictment is partly possible because the two companies cannot have a deep trading relationship. Verizon is not allowed to purchase network equipment from Huawei with a subsidy and American companies have not been allowed to trade with the Chinese company since May last year.

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