HP restricts access to firmware updates and service packs for Proliant servers

HP has tightened the terms and conditions for downloading service packs and firmware updates for ProLiant server products. Starting this month, users must have a support subscription for access or the equipment must still be under manufacturer’s warranty.

To access the service packs and firmware updates on the HP Support Center, a login procedure is now required based on a user ID. This checks HP for validity, whereby the manufacturer checks whether the equipment used is still under warranty or whether a support contract has been concluded. The communication from the computer manufacturer states that HP plans to roll out this new method to other product categories in due course.

HP states that it has decided to take the step to bring the working method of its support department more in line with that of other IT companies. The move would also provide better support for HP customers, but the company does not clarify how the limited access will benefit the customer. It is therefore not inconceivable that HP has taken the step to cut costs. This would be necessary due to the declining sales of servers as more and more companies use cloud services.