HP acquires gaming division HyperX from Kingston for $ 425 million

HP Inc. has reached an agreement with Kingston to acquire HyperX. HP wants to pay $ 425 million for Kingston’s gaming division, which is known for peripherals and headsets. Memory and storage products will remain with Kingston.

Kingston releases dram, flash memory, and SSDs under the HyperX name, but HP will not get its hands on those products with the takeover. The companies have agreed that those products will remain within Kingston’s portfolio. Whether Kingston will continue to use the HyperX name for this is not known.

With the acquisition, HP will acquire the other accessories and the HyperX name. The Kingston division is known for keyboards, mice, headphones and microphones aimed at gamers. HyperX also makes products for console gamers, something HP did not yet do. HP already has its own brand name for gaming products with HP Omen.

With the acquisition, HP says it wants to expand its ecosystem for gamers. HP expects the acquisition to be completed in the second quarter. The acquisition has yet to be approved by regulatory authorities.

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