Rumor: Apple will release a smaller Mac Pro and colored iMac models

Analyst Jon Prosser claims that Apple is coming with a smaller Mac Pro. The company would also release a revamped iMac that will be available in a variety of colors. Both computers are expected to receive an Apple Silicon chip.

The new Mac Pro model would get a smaller, cube-shaped case, Jon Prosser reports on his YouTube channel Front Page Tech. Prosser more frequently publishes information about unannounced Apple products. For example, he correctly predicted the announcement of the iPhone SE.

The design of this new Mac Pro computer is said to be based on the Apple G4 enclosures, which are the size of ‘three to four stacked Mac Minis’. The top of the case would function as a heatsink , while the bottom of the ‘Mac Pro Mini’ contains a compute unit . Prosser also publishes a concept render of the PC.

Prosser further claims that Apple is revamping the design of its iMac computers this year, in line with previous rumors. The computers would get a flatter design with smaller screen edges. The new iMacs would also use the same colors as the fourth generation iPad Air, which Apple introduced last year . This would mean that the computers would be available in rose gold, green and light blue variants, in addition to the more traditional silver and space gray models.

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