How to use Google Maps offline on your Android

We can use Google Maps offline on our Android by simply downloading the specific area from your maps. We will tell you how to download maps of a particular area on your Android to browse when you don’t have an internet connection. So check out the complete guide discussed below to move on.

Step 1. open your Google Maps app on your Android with an internet connection on. Now Navigate to the location or area you want to save for offline use.

Step 2. Now selection option of three-dotted buttons in the left corner of your app, then select “Your places”

Step 3. Select now Select a new offline map.

Step 4. Now only zooming in was allowed to save an area on the map. Now save the map with your desired name.

Step 5. It will now download the full map of the selected area. That is it! now you can use Google Maps without your internet connection in selected area.

Method to Access Saved Google Maps Offline:

Step 1. First open the Google Map App and then swipe the option from the left.

Step 2. Click now your place.

If your data connection is not available, you must: to scroll down to the bottom. Find View all and manage. There you will find your saved cards, Just tap it and navigate through.

Please remember the area to be selected should not be too large. The saved google maps data will be deleted after 30 days. In this way you cannot navigate step by step through the navigation.